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Ka-Pow! Ha-Zow!

Do you like waiting several turns for the card you really need while your opponents slice through your health points during their turns?…
Then this game is not for you.
It’s always your turn; you can see and use your cards in any order.
Sure you can hack away ruthlessly… Can you survive?

Ka-Pow: A classic sound in combat.
Ha-Zow: The sound of battle magic whizzing past. (Avoid if possible.)

Ka-Pow! Ha-Zow! is a micro-Brawler where melee meets magic.
2 Players   10-20 Minutes   Ages 12+
(with Rules for More Than 2 Players)


Ka-Pow! Ha-Zow! Pitch Video: https://youtu.be/oMABkCWmIts

2 Matching Sets of the 9 Basic Cards:
1 Health Counter
4 Weapons
4 Spell Sources
Also Needed: 5 Coins per Player
(Matching coins are not necessary.) 

The backs of cards are all the same, so any card can be used for distributing coin-tokens.

     SET UP:
Each player puts one coin on their Health Counter to reveal “20”, the maximum health for any player.
The game is played in sets of 4 Rounds.
Each Round you can place 3 coins as Actions on one card.
During one Round of every set of 4 Rounds you can place a 4th coin – it is your choice when to do this.

You can and should look at all of your cards as needed.  You should be cautious not to show the cards you are not playing each Round.

     EACH ROUND (All players — At the same time!):
Select a card that you don’t plan to play and use the back of the card to distribute the “Action” coins.
Select one card to play and use it to help hide the placement of your coins, as you distribute them.

Use the card to “hide” the positions of the coins until you are ready to reveal them.

When all players are ready, they reveal the card they are playing and the placement of their coins at the same time. Ka-Pow!
Block points are subtracted from Attack points, and any remaining Attack points are subtracted from the player’s Health Counter.

Weapon cards have varied effects for both Attacks (High, Middle, Low) and Blocks (High, Middle, Low).
A Middle Block will not reduce a High or a Low Attack.  It will only block a Middle Attack.

Block high and attack low if you think that will work.

You can place coins to repeat any Attacks or Blocks in any combination of the one card you are playing.
Example: “2x” = 2 times the number of coins. So 3 coins on “2x” = 6

Special:Short Spear” – If a Player puts one coin on each Block (High, Middle & Low) then the Player “steps back” and cannot be hit by Close Range weapons (like swords).  They are still hit by any Extended Range (like Short Spear) or magic Attacks. Ha-Zow!

Magic Sources are Fire (red), Water (blue), Plants (green) and Kinetics (white). Some spells require two coins to be cast.

You can place coins to repeat any spells in any combination of the one card you are playing.
Magic Block spells often block High, Middle and Low Attacks, as needed. The Block points can be split across Attacks as determined by the Blocking Player.

Special:Phorgaatn Pool” – breaks the normal rules and allows a player to use an additional 4th coin on the next Round. (But not a 5th coin.) This doesn’t count against the one 4th coin they are permitted each set of 4 Rounds.

     VICTORS and the REST:
Add/combine all of the Attacks/Blocks and spells that will affect a player during a Round.  At the end of the Round, Health Counters that have fallen below “1” belong to the dead.  The last combatant alive is the winner.  There is no such thing as “less dead”.

No Repeats – Play each card only once until you have played them all.  Winner has the highest Health Points after all cards are used.  Or…Repeat as needed.
No Magic / No Melee – Play without the magic or weapon cards.

Add additional card sets so each player has the 9 Basic Cards and 5 Coins.

     DAISY CHAIN Ka-Pow!
Attack the player to the Left by placing coins “Tails Up” and attack the player to the Right by placing coins “Heads Up”.
Blocks don’t need to be aimed; they work Right and Left. Blocks only subtract once.  If two players Attack your Middle, add the Attacks then subtract your Middle Block, and if there is remaining Attack, subtract that from your Health Counter.
“EVERYONE!” = You and the two players next to you; one on the Right and one on the Left.

     2v2 TEAM BRAWL
Compete in teams of 2, pointedly aiming any Attacks at specific opponent players:
Attack the opponent player to the Left by placing coins “Tails Up” and attack the player to the Right by placing coins “Heads Up”.
Blocks don’t need to be aimed; they work Right and Left. Blocks only subtract once.
(Be careful with those…)


© 2017 Steve #3 Ehrensperger
Art & Design by Steve #3