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Monthly Archive August 12, 2017

Gen Con 50 FEPH!

If the title of this post doesn’t make sense to you… I know it was a mystery to me a year ago.

FEPH (First Exposure Playtest Hall) is a place to test games in development while attending Gen Con in Indianapolis this summer. Take a moment from getting a signed copy of the latest great worker-placement game and help shape the future of some of the next great games.

Think Adventure Games, Ltd. will be making our first visit to Gen Con and demoing at the FEPH for good measure. If you have the wild idea of trying to find our games in that giant haystack of awesome cardboard products:

Thur 4PM    Time-Travelling-Cyber-Roaches
Fri    8PM     Blind Alley
Sat    Noon   Blind Alley
Sat  10PM    Time-Travelling-Cyber-Roaches

What? You haven’t heard of these games before?
It is the “First Exposure Hall” for a reason…