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Monthly Archive January 31, 2017

Breakfast Surprise

The Hasbro Gaming Lab 2016 Fall Finalists got a really nice segment on Board Game Breakfast about 5.5 minutes in!  All five of the games, including Aardvark’s Runaway Railroad of course, were featured.

Thanks Suzanne!


Hasbro happened…

“After reviewing hundreds of entries, we are thrilled to announce our top five finalists from our Fall 2016 challenge:”

Hasbro Gaming Lab Fall Competition

Something happened…

And now we have an Indiegogo campaign starting on January 12th for Aardvark’s Runaway Railroad.  We need to raise $6,000 for a limited print run of the game.  The primary challenge: We need to have a custom laser cut die created to chop out the pieces of the game.  I’ve gathered my first few cost estimates, and they were not as bad as I had expected.  Not cheap, but feasible.

I’m actually glad we are tackling this challenge now because I have another idea for a slightly more expensive game and I want to learn the tricks of this process before I attempt that game.  I also like the freedom of being able to make whatever die shape I might want to try.